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About the Prize and Charity Cause

Steven Tyler

The prize

HATS OFF to my future Janie's Fund founding members!

Thank you for joining in the launch of my long awaited dream. Janie's Got A Gun came out 26 years ago, and I'm honoring HER story by starting Janie’s Fund — a new program to support abused and neglected girls.

An ENTIRE community was built around this song's message. Over the years, I've been overwhelmed by the thousands of fans who have sent me letters, telling me their stories and how Janie's Got A Gun affected and inspired them.

By donating just $5, you'll help support these girls and you'll also be entered to win The Ultimate VIP Rock Experience - walking with me down the red carpet of my first solo album release party. You'll also get to hang with me backstage...

Now...We can’t undo what’s been done by abuse in this country...but we CAN let these girls know they are loved, get them the help they need, and assure them that there is MUCH LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.

Big love,

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Janie's Fund

The cause

Janie’s Fund is a philanthropic initiative created by Steven Tyler to raise the money and awareness needed to make a real difference in the lives of girls who have endured the horrors of neglect and abuse. Steven first gave voice to this cause with his hit “Janie’s Got a Gun,” and his establishment of the fund ensures that these vulnerable girls will have an enduring voice for years to come.
Janie’s Fund is a partnership administered by one of the country’s most effective and prestigious nonprofit organizations, Youth Villages, which provides proven ways to address the trauma of sexual abuse in children and to expand these to help more girls. These crucial programs have been proven to give hope and make a lasting difference in these girls’ lives through the latest research on developing brains and neuropsychology. 

Founded in 1986, Youth Villages is a leading national nonprofit dedicated to providing the most effective local solutions to help children with emotional and behavioral challenges and their families live successfully.
The organization helps more than 23,000 children and families each year from more than 20 states and Washington, D.C. Youth Villages’ Evidentiary Family Restoration® approach involves intensive work with the child and family, a focus on measuring outcomes, keeping children in the community whenever safely possible, and providing unprecedented accountability to families and funders. 

Special thanks and photo credit to Zack Whitford.
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The cause

The more you donate, the bigger your impact

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