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Cancer for College

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A note from Will Ferrell

Hello people of the interwebs, it's Will Ferrell.

If you're interested in winning the most amazing prize in the history of mankind while helping out a great cause, keep reading. If not, please take a moment to throw your computer in a lake. 

For just a small donation to help my favorite charity Cancer For College, you'll be entered for a chance to join me at... wait for it... our big Desert Showdown in beautiful Palm Springs, California on March 3 & 4. At the event, I will not only show you how to play golf (if you are at all interested), but we might possibly race golf carts, make sock puppets and enjoy a sensible lunch together with only the finest bottled water.

In addition, you will receive tickets to our Desert Smash Celebrity Tennis event that will feature some of the biggest names in entertainment and professional tennis.  Other cool people who are scheduled to participate include Kevin Spacey and Novak Djokovic.

To re-cap: You. Me. Grass. A gentle breeze and some balls. The whole shebang. The prize includes flights from wherever you are in the world with accommodations for you and a friend too at the world-famous La Quinta Resort. There is no physical way you can get a better prize than this.  We've done the research.  It's science.

Stay classy folks and enter often!

About Cancer for College

Cancer for College was founded in 1993 by one of my best friends, two-time cancer survivor and double-amputee Craig Pollard. 

Craig saw first hand the physical, emotional and financial devastation that cancer can have on a family.  Families dealing with cancer often exhaust every last resource in the process of returning their child to health. This battle can leave nothing left for the survivor for things such as a college education.

Cancer for College provides hope and inspiration to cancer survivors by granting college scholarships.  Since inception, the charity has granted nearly $2 million in scholarships to more than one thousand survivors from around the country.

The cause

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You are SASSY! In return for your generous donation, I'll be sending you some super sexy hot tan sunscreen (designed specially for Cancer For College!) as well as the campaign T-shirt. Yeeeeah! Rewards will be shipped anywhere between 4-12 weeks of campaign close and will be sent separately.


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