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A note from Michael Phelps

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a successful career, and I wanted to take the opportunity launch a campaign that would involve everyone who has followed my career and supported me from the start while raising money for my foundation.  

People have been calling me a fish for years! But you and a friend will see firsthand that we are actually very different. I’d like you and a guest to fly to Baltimore, stay in the Inner Harbor and visit the National Aquarium with me. We can go behind the scenes and help take care of the fish, turtles, birds, and crocodiles!  Or we could even work alongside a trainer and spend some playtime with one of their eight bottlenose dolphins.

So, for just a small donation to my foundation you’ll be entered with a chance to join me and the animals in Baltimore!

Can’t wait to meet you!

About Michael Phelps Foundation

My goal with this campaign is to raise $47,000 to support 4 new Boys & Girls Clubs implement im for a year.   

It’s been a longtime passion of mine to campaign for everyone to have access to water safety instruction, and to promote a healthy active lifestyle for children. Drowning is the second leading cause of death of children all around the world – and it doesn’t need to be this way.    

Through partnering with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we bring world-class swim instruction to children who do not have access – kids from very low-income homes.

We also partner with the Special Olympics and give access to persons with intellectual disabilities. We have already helped over 6,400 people with important water safety classes.

Please help me and my foundation spread this lifesaving skill and together we can prevent countless avoidable fatalities. Find out more at www.michaelphelpsfoundation.org.

The cause

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