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Win a (London) Rickshaw Run experience with
Jack and Finn

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Teenage Cancer Trust

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A note from Jack and Finn

Hey Guys!

We're super excited to tell you about an epic adventure we're taking part in throughout September to help raise awareness for Teenage Cancer Trust. Finn and I, along with five other filmmakers and friends, have set off in three rickshaws (3-wheeled motorized taxis) to race from the east to the west of India (the Rickshaw Run).

For just a small donation to Teenage Cancer Trust - you’ll be entered into our contest where you and a friend could get flown from wherever you are in the world to London, and put up for 2 nights in a central hotel. We’ll relive our Indian adventure together in London, where you’ll join us both for dinner at one of our favorite Indian restaurants, before we all go for a rickshaw ride!

We're aware that the India trip will be dangerous at times, however we're excited to have the opportunity to experience a new culture. We’ll be filming every day and posting it as a 5-part series on our YouTube channel JacksGap, along with blog posts and images on Jacksgap.com.

We can't wait to share our adventure with you,

Jack and Finn

About Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenage Cancer Trust is a cause that is hugely important to Finn and I, and also an issue that directly affects our online community. Our ambitious goal for our Prizeo campaign is to raise $100,000 for the incredible Teenage Cancer Trust, funding two full time Youth Support Coordinators

We were fortunate enough to witness the incredible work of the Youth Support Coordinators firsthand when we visited a Teenage Cancer Trust ward this summer, and were moved and inspired by the fantastic work they do.

Youth Support Coordinators organize fun activities for the patients – like trips to football matches, the cinema, pizza nights and pool competitions (<--which we lost at) – things that make them feel normal, like any other teenager. They also run support groups to help patients deal with the harsh reality of having cancer.  

These awesome people look after the emotional needs of young people while they are on their cancer journey, and we badly need more of them around. Please help us make this a reality.

Teenage Cancer Trust is a registered charity: 1062559 (England & Wales), SC039757 (Scotland).

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