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A note from Bumblefoot

I'm excited to work with Prizeo to raise money for a cause that's really close to my heart - the Humpty Dumpty Institute's (HDI) "Music Matters". 

In return for helping me fund this exceptional program,  you'll be entered for a chance to join me for a very special day that you and I will plan together.  I'm going to give you a list of things we might do and you can pick any three things you want.  

A few of my ideas are:
*Jamming and a guitar lesson
*A vocal lesson
*Writing and recording a song together (yours to keep, stick it on iTunes, your album...) 
*Raid my stacks of obscure metal & guitar-oriented CDs & magazines, keep as many as you can grab and hold in 60 seconds. 
*A photo shoot together
*Cleaning my house
*Pigging out at my favorite Korean BBQ buffet
*Spicy food eating contest w/ Bumblefoot's Hot Sauces
*Lay backing vocals on a to-be-released Bumblefoot song
*Helping me write a script for a Bumblefoot comic book
*Go see a movie of your choice and share a large buttery popcorn

But, this is a collaboration, so, for helping to support music worldwide you get to give ME a list and I'll pick three things from that too.......  (as long as there are things on the winner's list that don't put me in a 'problematic situation'...)

Thank you for your support.

About The Humpty Dumpty Institute

The Humpty Dumpty Institute's (HDI) "Music Matters" takes American musicians around the globe to perform for audiences who might never have the chance to hear music and allows artists to meet, teach and share our art -- as well as learn more about music and artists from all over the world.

The love of music is something people share throughout the world and it creates a bridge to understanding, friendship and communication.

Artists have the opportunity to tour a number of countries such as Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Russia, where they perform, meet fellow artists and have discussions on topics like artistic freedom and expression, and issues related to their own experiences as artists.

They take their performances to traditional venues and beyond, to prisons, detention centers and refugee camps.

HDI also raises funds and awareness for programs that bring musicians to America to work with mentors on their songwriting and learn about music publishing.

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