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Aid Still Required

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A note from Arianny Celeste

Hey guys!

It's Arianny Celeste here. I'm excited to be doing something a little bit different to raise money for one of my favorite charity organizations, Aid Still Required.

I decided to get on Prizeo to offer you the chance to win a trip to Los Angeles to hang out with me on June 7th! We'll go to Nikki's Bar in Venice Beach, have a drink or two, and watch a UFC fight together!

Flights and hotel accommodations will be included for you and a friend. 

Now here's what you do to enter: make a small donation, any amount you like starting at $10, to Aid Still Required. Your donation will go towards helping people that have been left behind after natural disasters and human crises. One of their current focuses is to help Haiti continue to recover from the 2010 earthquake.

They need our help, and we can help! And in exchange, you can choose some cool rewards (see below) and enter to win the trip to LA! Sounds like a nice trade, right?

Thank you so much for your support, and I'll see one of YOU in LA!

xo Arianny

About Aid Still Required

Aid Still Required was founded on the following principles:
- Everyone, everywhere is entitled to live in dignity, health and peace
- Just because an issue left the headlines, doesn't mean it left the planet
- Disasters and crises offer opportunities to build back better and build back green 
- There is great power in grassroots movements to transform life

Their ongoing projects include helping Haiti, which is still devastated from the 2010 earthquake, parts of New Orleans that are still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, the people of Sri Lanka and Indonesia that are still rebuilding their lives after the tsunami, and the Darfur conflict.

The organization's efforts include creating self-sufficiency, creating jobs, bringing resources to promote health and well-being, providing care and schooling for orphaned and abandoned children, and returning farmlands and forests to their natural abundance.

The cause

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Make a donation below to get entries and rewards. Each entry is a chance to win the grand prize. At the end of the campaign, a winning entry will be chosen at random.

2 entries to win

Reward contains no item. $10

5 entries to win

Reward contains no item. $25

10 entries to win

Reward contains no item. $50

20 entries to win

Reward contains no item. $100

30 entries to win

Reward contains no item. $150

50 entries to win


personalized Arianny Celeste calendar!

You are so kind!! You will be sent a personalized Arianny Celeste signed calendar! You will also receive the signed iPhone case, the signed poster, the campaign t shirt, as well as the thank you e-card! Rewards will be shipped within 4-8 weeks of campaign close and might be sent separately.


100 entries to win

Reward contains no item. $500

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