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Break the cycle of poverty

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Magic Bus

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$160 raised of $1,250 goal

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A note from Magic Bus

Thank you! Thank you!

Your generous donation has empowered 3,045 at risk children and youth living in India to break the cycle of poverty through education, leadership and employment.

Did you know that in India 30% of females are married before the legal age of 18 and that 47 million children drop out of school by the 10th grade?

Would you kindly consider supporting one more child?

Today, we are asking those who participated in the #LionHeart campaign to consider helping us support an additional village of children – 25 boys and 25 girls  for an entire year by raising an additional $1,250.00.

We thank you for your consideration and for all you have already done to help break the cycle of poverty.

Magic Bus

About Magic Bus

Approximately 400,000 low income children and youth attend Magic Bus’ education and livelihoods programs each week. Operating in 22 states across India, Magic Bus programs are led by nearly 9,000 community-based youth volunteers and staff. Magic Bus’ key program, Childhood to Livelihood, is based upon 18 years of community development experience. The 7-year program transforms children who live in poverty into confident young adults who are equipped with the education and skills necessary for sustainable employment. 

In 1999, Matthew Spacie landed in Mumbai to run India’s largest travel agency, Cox and Kings. Matthew played rugby in the evenings and noticed a group of boys living across the street. One day, he called them over to join in on the game and over the next few months Matthew became their coach – in rugby and in life. Being a part of a team gave these boys a sense of worth and inspired them to aim higher. Matthew recognized the power of mentorship and aspiration and encouraged the boys to become mentors to younger children in their own communities. This evolved into Magic Bus, which today is one of the world’s highest-impact, low-cost scalable programs in India.

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