Win a Trip to Europe to Meet Depeche Mode
Win a Los Angeles Shopping Trip with Offset
Win a Visit to the Set of Jane the Virgin with Justin Baldoni
Win a Trip to ESPN Studios and Attend "NFL Live” with Adam Schefter
Win a Night Out with the Legendary Dallas Cowboys “Triplets” Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith & Michael Irvin
Win An All-Access VIP Super Bowl LII Weekend With The NFL
Win a Chance at "ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways" at The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Win a series of fortunate events in Vancouver with Neil Patrick Harris
Win a Trip to the Nebraska vs. Ohio State Game With Larry the Cable Guy
Win a VIP Trip to New York Comic Con with Clark Gregg
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Featured Winners

  • Opening Night at Hamilton L.A. as the Guest of Lin-Manuel Miranda

    "What an incredible experience this was! Thank you to Prizeo and the Hispanic Federation for this amazing opportunity. When I donated to the #Ham4All campaign, it was because I believed in its mission and lived it through my work and activism. The chance I had to meet Lin Manuel Miranda- a man I truly respect and admire, along with his incredible family was a dream come true."
    - winner Maha J.
  • a 20/20 Experience Day on the Road with Justin Timberlake

    "Thank you to all of team JT. Everyone was so nice to shy little ole me. Everyone made me feel included. Justin was so kind to me...I went to stand up but he sat down with me and talked for a bit...I'm so thankful that I won and I'll never forget it."
    - winner Samantha Boydman
  • a "Charming" time with Avril Lavigne

    "This whole experience was like pieces of a dream. Never would have thought I would be given an opportunity to meet Avril Lavigne, and record a voice for a character in Charming! I will cherish this unforgettable experience for the rest of my life. A massive thank you to Prizeo and Avril's team for making this happen!"
    - winner Ivy Y
  • a Cinderella Story Caddyshack Experience with Bill Murray

    "Everyone we came across at the Murray Bros Golf Tourney was as welcoming as we could have hoped for. When it came to the links, Bill could not have been more warm and authentic. From a heavy dose of friendly banter to pulling us aside after a few holes for an impromptu lesson to correct our terrible form, it was surreal."
    - winner Chad Minnis
  • "Your Shot" at Hamilton Tickets for Lin’s Last Show and an After-Party with Lin-Manuel Miranda

    "Michelle and Kathryn BOTH won trips to New York for Lin-Manuel Miranda's final performance in Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theater. After the show, Lin invited them to the cast after-party where they danced into the night with Lin and the cast. Michelle and Kathryn and all the generous donors helped raise over $1M for the Hispanic Federation. We're sure glad they took their shot..."
    - winner Michelle B. and Kathryn S.
  • a Tea Time in LA with Tori Kelly

    "Meeting Tori Kelly was a dream come true. From wishing to meet her at her kickoff concert when I saw her in San Diego to actually meeting her at her closing show at The Greek Theatre was unreal. Tori is an amazing person inside and out. Thank you Tori Kelly... and thank you Prizeo!"
    - winner Joel B
  • a Day Out of the Office with Rainn Wilson

    "The trip was awesome. It was 3 days of surreal experiences that I am really grateful Prizeo made happen. Meeting Rainn was obviously the best part. He was super down to earth and made us feel comfortable right away. We got to talk all about The Office, and he was interested in us just as much as we were interested in him!"
    - winner Aran Armutlu
  • the Best Christmas Ever with One Direction

    "The trip was absolutely awesome! I was speechless at first. They were very nice, understanding and down-to-earth guys. They hugged me, talked with us and signed autographs. We got to take pics, too. Thank you for helping me have the #1DBestChristmasEver!"
    - winner Laura-Leigh H.
  • a Bass Lesson with Flea

    "We own all the albums and even run a YouTube channel where we cover many Red Hot Chili Peppers songs. The band has contributed to our passion of music more so than any other. It was such an incredibly humbling experience to meet Flea and play music with him. He was so down to earth, modest and most of all so very generous to allow us into his place to share this experience with him."
    - winner Timothy Tanzer
  • an On Set Hang Out with Bart Baker

    "Spending the day with Bart was a great experience! Bart and his colleagues were all very friendly and we learned a lot about the work they do at Maker Studios! After our tour, we hung around the studio for a bit and talked with some of the people who worked on projects with Bart, as well as on other projects. It was definitely a memorable experience!"
    - winner Andrew O'Malley
  • a Trip to Have a Shiny Lunch with Nathan Fillion

    "Nathan was more than wonderful! He treated us as if we were old friends! When we were talking, he was totally engaged in the conversation. It was beyond my wildest imagination. Beyond lunch, we got a complete Castle set tour as well as meeting the other cast members!"
    - winner Jennifer Mills
  • a Day of Fun and Shopping with Andrea Russett

    "I was super grateful to be able to travel to LA to meet someone I have always idolized. Andrea was super welcoming and down to earth. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity!"
    - winner Nastassja Collak
  • a Super Fun Music Video Shoot with The Vamps

    "I think it has finally just set in that I actually met The Vamps. After being such a huge fan of them for nearly 3 years now, it felt so surreal to be on the set of their new music video (which looks brilliant!). I can say it was honestly the best day of my life!"
    - winner Caroline Thurston
  • a Chance to Get Caked and Hang with Steve Aoki and Linkin Park

    "My Mum and I had never even won a raffle; so to win something that incredible was just surreal. It feels like a dream until I look back at the pictures and remember with supreme happiness how that trip felt, how I just wish it would happen all over again!"
    - winner Clare & Bella Crossley
  • a Coffee Date in L.A. with Connor Franta

    "Coffee with Connor was amazing. He could not have been sweeter. He was so kind and down to earth. I'm still in shock it happened but wow - so grateful for this!"
    - winner Morgan McCoy
  • a VIP Trip to Valencia to Meet Valentino Rossi

    "The trip, hospitality and experience was out of this world for me. I was a kid in a candy store. Meeting Valentino was a dream come true. Thank you to everyone involved. The memories will be cherished for a lifetime."
    - winner Amir Mohsenabadi
  • a Gaming Getaway to NYC with Syndicate

    "To begin I would have to say that this experience was very memorable. Honestly words really don't do it justice for this trip. Yes it may have been a few days but I can sure tell you the we had the opportunity to see a new city neither of us had seen."
    - winner Anthony "Zax" Ramirez
  • the Coolest Dublin Trip with One Direction

    "I can honestly say that this was easily my favorite show I've ever been to of theirs. The boys are so sweet and I could not be more thankful to be given the opportunity to meet them and their families and watch the show with them!"
    - winner Vanessa Y.
  • an Amazing Trip to London with One Direction

    "The entire trip was amazing and I’m sad to be back home already. The concert was by far the best part of the entire trip! Leaving London was definitely a bittersweet moment but the trip was really wonderful so thank you to the One Direction boys, Prizeo, Sophie from Trekstock and London for being so amazing!"
    - winner Sammy S.
  • a "Horrorfying" Day with Eli Roth

    "I cannot thank everyone enough who made this experience possible for me. I am so thankful. My boyfriend and I had lunch with the one and only Eli Roth at a great place called Hugo's. I thought I would be so nervous, but he was so nice and easy to talk to. The entire experience was a dream come true. I will never forget it!"
    - winner Natalie Lykins
  • a Chance to Hang Out on the Set of Shark Tank with Mark Cuban

    "Hanging out on the Shark Tank set was an amazing experience and it went beyond anything I expected.  Big thanks to Prizeo & Mark Cuban!"
    - winner James Llonch
  • the Best Trip Ever with One Direction

    "What a time it was!...It's something we'll never forget. I'm incredibly happy that I was able to hug them all and make them laugh, even though my mom got a kiss! We can never repay y'all for what you have done for us, so thank you, thank you, thank you!"
    - winner Lauron A.
  • an Empty Pool Party Experience with David Henrie

    "I really appreciate the opportunity to visit LA and party for a good cause with some great people. David Henrie and his cousins were welcoming and fun. Thank you for an awesome experience!!"
    - winner Adelie Kirsch
  • a Chance to Play Hacky Sack Backstage with R5

    "I had an amazing time with the boys and Rydel. They were all amazingly nice, generous and SUPER FUNNY!!! They treated me like a friend and not like a fan!"
    - winner Vanessa T.
  • a Trip to LA to Be Best Friends with Shawn Mendes

    "Shawn was really nice. His concert was AMAZING!!! I got there early that day and he performed a private acoustic performance for the VIPs. It was really cool because not that many people were there!"
    - winner Alexandra K
  • a Chance to Spend the Day with Zoella

    "Meeting Zoella was a dream come true! We got to talk about so much and learn about one another. It was amazing; we had such a fun time and Alfie (pointlessblog) came as a surprise! "
    - winner Ellie Howard
  • a Chance to Make a TALKINGcovers Video with WALK THE MOON

    "I can honestly say that Nick, Sean, Eli, and Kevin were extremely nice, friendly, and completely down to earth. It was not only an honor getting to meet them but getting to hang out and make a #TALKINGcovers video was out of this world."
    - winner Adam Tebbe
  • a Warped Tour Ride Along with Juliet Simms and Andy Biersack

    "I loved the whole tour. Juliet and Andy are the nicest people ever. They really treated me like I knew them forever! I honestly loved the whole experience. If I could, I would do it all again."
    - winner Sonya Vega
  • a VIP Trip to VidCon 2015 with Tyler Oakley

    "I feel very lucky to have been given the chance to spend time with Tyler! We had a great time hanging out at VidCon and it was an experience I will never forget!"
    - winner Eva Romme
  • a Lunch at the Playboy Mansion with Pamela Anderson

    "Best day of my life. There are no words…She is the most awesome woman in the world."
    - winner James Lafaman
  • a Soccer Showdown with Steve Nash

    "I had a wonderful time with Steve and all the other players. We even got the chance to play some free-throws...That was just unbelievable. It was such a great event and I will never forget about this day."
    - winner Tsung-Yao Hsu
  • a Beautiful Day in Montreal with U2

    "A tremendous experience. We were given a fascinating backstage look at Cirque du Soleil...and [the U2 crew] allowed us to walk behind the scenes and even up on the stage! All of them were engaging and sweet and very gracious about hanging out before the show with two long-time fans. We're eternally grateful."
    - winner Susan Keefer
  • a Spectacular Dance Lesson with Derek Hough

    "We had a fabulous time. The dance lesson with Derek was absolutely the coolest! He was so nice and patient. We did the lesson on their stage. So, during the lesson he also used some lighting and smoke. It was sooo cool!!"
    - winner Karen Nemec
  • a Styling Session with Cheryl

    "Cheryl was so interested in asking us questions about us...She also gave us some advice that I will truly remember forever, and helped us choose some amazing outfits! She was the loveliest, most friendly and caring person."
    - winner Maia Nicholls
  • a Backstage Table Tennis Face Off with Ed Sheeran

    "I couldn't have asked for a better experience. It still does not seem real. I think we should do it all again. ;) Sadly, I admit that I didn't present much competition for him. He won by a mile (and I'm ok with that)!"
    - winner Cassandra Schenkenberg
  • a VIP Experience and Backstage Tour with Linkin Park

    "Seeing them up close for the first time and shaking their hands - it was a dream come true!...For the first five songs we got to be on the stage itself! The view doesn't get better than that :)))"
    - winner Julia Damson
  • Tickets to the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight and Meet New Kids On The Block

    "It was amazing to meet the band I loved as a kid. The concert was a blast. I wish I had thought to thank them for sending two Boston gals to two main events and giving my friend and I an incredible weekend. Maybe next time :D"
    - winner Jess Alekseyev
  • a Trip to the Tribeca Film Festival and Make a Snapchat Story with Jerome Jarre

    "Jerome was so great - spent the whole day with us. He was so generous with his time. It's been fantastic. We went to TFI interactive also which was awesome."
    - winner Olivia Santilli
  • an Ultimate Team Experience in Amsterdam with The Spanish National Football Team

    "Wow. We are super grateful for the opportunity. I've attended some brilliant international matches in the past, but what really made this special was the behind-the-scenes access...Plus, as a former goalkeeper, I will always have that time Iker Casillas kissed me. ;)"
    - winner Mary Craighead
  • a VIP Fight Night with Mitt Romney and Evander Holyfield

    "The Romney’s and Mr. Holyfield are all world champions. With them and us, it’s about the greatness of the cause. This event raised enough to provide 40,000 sight saving surgeries in developing countries around the world. Rock on!!!"
    - winner Bob Bazyk
  • a Day on Set with Andy Roddick

    "Best day ever! Heather was fantastic, we loved the tour, got to watch the while they were broadcasting live at Fox, and Andy was so nice! Thanks!!"
    - winner Jennifer Moses
  • a Night Out in L.A., If You Dare, with Kiefer Sutherland

    "We had an awesome night out with Kiefer. We talked, ate, laughed and sang together. He was extremely caring and anxious to make it a great night for us. He was the sweetest host and date you ever can imagine."
    - winner Karin U
  • an Ultimate Shopping Spree at the Apple Store with iJustine

    "I didn't know what to say to Justine, I was really nervous it was going to be really awkward, but Justine was the sweetest person ever! She was so easy to talk to and we had so much fun!"
    - winner David Flanigan
  • a Private Singing Lesson with Jessie J

    "I feel like I'm in a dream right now; I can't believe that actually happened! Jessie was so sweet and you can really tell how much she cares about her fans. The trip exceeded my expectations by about a million!"
    - winner Caitlyn Elizabeth Smith
  • a Day on Set with Olly Murs

    "It was absolutely AMAZING! Olly is just lovely, and everyone on his team was so kind! It was so great getting a chance to meet one of my favorite artists and spend genuine time with him!!"
    - winner Lauren Townsend Rovin
  • a Once In A Lifetime NY Jingle Ball Experience with Nick Jonas

    "Nick was an amazing, nice, genuine guy and I am so happy I got the chance to meet him. And as a bonus, we were lucky enough to meet his brother Kevin! Overall, it was a great experience and we loved every moment of it!"
    - winner Bessie Korman
  • the Ultimate Holiday Getaway Weekend, Kinky Boots Style, in NYC with Cyndi Lauper

    "The concert really blew my mind...Absolutely fantastic. I especially want to thank Cyndi Lauper for sharing her gift with the rest of us -- her talent, her time, her creativity, her perseverance!"
    - winner Valerie Hawkins
  • The Ultimate Backstage Experience At The LA Jingle Ball with Becky G

    "I feel blessed to be able to get a sneak peek of what it might be like to be Becky G for a day. Rushing around to do a sound check, interviews, being on the red carpet and performing on stage, I never realised how much work happens backstage."
    - winner Ruth Elizabeth Walmsley
  • A VIP Experience at The Hobbit Premiere with Evangeline Lilly

    "As Tom Petty sang, "It is good to be king, if just for a day." How honored this lady and Prizeo has made this Southern Old Dog feel. My sincere thanks to Allison [at Prizeo], who gently led me through this most Kingly time in my life. In ANY man's life."
    - winner Allen Colin Kelly
  • a Trip to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 Premiere with Jeffrey, Jennifer, Josh, Liam, Sam and Woody

    "The night was definitely unforgettable. Thanks Jeffrey Wright for taking such good care of us, you're the sweetest!"
    - winner Rachel Nowosielski
  • A Day in the Studio with Renowned Grammy Winning Artists including One Direction, Ed Sheeran and Many More

    "The day was so amazing I still can't even believe it happened. Sir Bob Geldof was so welcoming and inspiring! Just being in the same room as those artists was such a great experience. And yes of course Harry is absolutely perfect and such a gentleman :)"
    - winner Molly Carroll
  • a VIP trip to the Australian Open 2015 with Dominika Cibulková

    "We were in tennis-fan heaven! :-)"
    - winner Ava Chan
  • a Chance to Skate and Hang out at his Private Skatepark with Nyjah Huston

    "My trip could have not been better. They made me feel comfortable all the time, as if I was back at home. Not only Nyjah, but also his mom, Kelle, are simply amazing."
    - winner Rocío Salgado
  • An All-Access Concert Experience and Live Tweet for Enrique Iglesias

    "I was so excited to meet Enrique. He gave me and my sister a hug and kiss on the cheek, and talked to us in English and Spanish!"
    - winner Melanie Mendizabal
  • Some Fun and Games with 5 Seconds of Summer

    "Ashton jumped out of line and came over and asked if he could hug me, which of course I said yes to. They all hugged Elli and I and asked what our names was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget."
    - winner Amy Fortney
  • a Holiday Party in your Hometown with Bridgit Mendler

    "Had so much fun with Bridgit at Disneyland!...I was amazed by how sweet, talented, amazing and kind she is. I loved meeting and spending time with my idol."
    - winner Marta Abellán Marcé
  • a Coffee Date in L.A. with Connor Franta

    "I thought it was going to be really awkward but Connor was very friendly and it was just really easy talking to him. It was definitely an experience I'll never forget and it was quite awesome to be honest."
    - winner Andrea Lopez
  • A Legendary Falconry Trip with Jonathan Goldsmith

    "My day with Jonathan was amazing! We all had a wonderful time and learned a lot from the day's experiences. I'm grateful that everyone acted as such gracious hosts."
    - winner Cristina Muko
  • a Trip to L.A. to Hang Out with Zac Efron

    "I want to sincerely thank Zac Efron for having a caring heart and for raising money for Make-A-Wish. Truly a dream come true to meet him and very cool of him to give away his first car!"
    - winner Amanda Lopez
  • A VIP Concert Experience in Rio with Miley Cyrus

    "Miley and her team are some of the greatest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was all so dream-like :)"
    - winner Erika Helton
  • An Amazing Trip to Miami with One Direction

    "Meeting One Direction was the best day in my entire life! They were all so sweet! I hugged all of them...The concert was amazing too!! I can't explain how amazing this whole experience was! I will never forget it!"
    - winner Alexus
  • the Ultimate Racing Weekend with Jeff Gordon, Esteban Gutiérrez and Adrian Sutil

    "This was such a cool and awesome experience and I thank everyone again for making it as great as it was. I can't wait to go back to another race - high octane blood now runs through my veins!"
    - winner Jordan Alan Beers
  • a Trip to New York to Hang Out with Tiësto

    "It was amazing to hear Tiesto talk about music and his passion for the Childhood Foundation. He turned out to just be a normal person with a passion; realizing that was the best part about meeting him."
    - winner Mike Ray
  • a Caribbean Getaway with Lady Antebellum

    "Meeting Lady Antebellum was fantastic! Their acoustic concert really blew me away. It was fun and they were very interactive with the crowd. Then the full concert that followed was just awesome."
    - winner Carolyn Geer
  • A Date in London with The Vamps

    "I was so nervous I barely touched my meal, but they were incredibly nice to my mom and me. They told loads of stories and they were extremely polite. It felt so casual and relaxed."
    - winner Clare
  • A VIP Trip to Silverstone to Meet Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa

    "Everyone from the Riders for Health Team to Repsol Honda were so friendly and approachable. It was amazing to speak with Marc and Dani who were both great guys, so down to earth and a great laugh."
    - winner Jonathan Waterhouse
  • a Summer Concert Experience with Hunter Hayes

    "Hanging out with Hunter Hayes was an experience like no other. He is the most amazingly talented, handsome, and all around sweetest man I have ever met."
    - winner Shelby Lynn Thomas
  • a Fantasy Football Lunch with Adam Schefter

    "Lunch with Adam and Carolyn was absolutely fantastic! We had a great fantasy football conversation with Adam...a huge thank you to Adam for being so generous with his time!"
    - winner Christopher McGovern
  • an Incredible VIP Concert Experience with Roger Daltrey

    "This was an incredible night that truly rocked in support of Teen Cancer America. Our sincere thanks and continued best wishes to Roger Daltrey, Joan Jett, TCA and Prizeo."
    - winner Bob Bankhead
  • a Trip to The Avengers 2 Set and Hang out with Mark Ruffalo

    "It was a blast...Mark is a very generous gentleman. The set visit was fanTASTic!"
    - winner Richard Cunningham
  • A Chance to Attend a Photo Shoot with Paris Hilton

    "I was very high on Paris' love! I had a very good time with her and Peter Pan supporting American Humane & animals."
    - winner Shaun McCutcheon
  • A Trip to Las Vegas to Watch a UFC Fight with Dana White

    "I had the best experience a UFC fan could ask for. TUF 19 final front row on Sunday night with Dana was priceless. Thanks Prizeo and thank you Dana White!"
    - winner Thomas Slater
  • A Wolf Sanctuary Tour And Helicopter Ride with George R.R. Martin

    "The great thing about George and his lovely and wonderful wife Parris is that they made us feel welcome, comfortable and almost part of their clan. I loved that."
    - winner Richard Holland
  • A Chance to Play Soccer with Steve Nash

    "What a lifetime of memories we had...The VIP treatment we received was beyond all our expectations, and we couldn't have asked for a more incredible experience."
    - winner Janette Hinton
  • a Trip to the World Cup with Hernanes

    "Everyone was a friend, because everyone loves the game. This same held true when I met Hernanes, who's just another humble human working to better the world. I am so incredibly lucky to have been there and experienced the magical global unity."
    - winner Carolyn Bottelier
  • A Chance To Watch A UFC Fight with Arianny Celeste

    "Everything went great! Arianny was cool and amazing."
    - winner JQ Quinn
  • A Trip to Brazil to Meet Football Legend Samuel Eto'o

    "Samuel was genuinely pleased to meet us, even apologising he didn't speak much English! It was a real pleasure to spend those moments in his company."
    - winner Colin Combes
  • a Mentor Lunch with Steve Case

    "Thank you to Steve Case for your mentorship and lunch. Prizeo - thanks for your help!"
    - winner VJ Anma
  • a Trip to Miami to Hang Out with Juanes

    "It was any Juanes fan's wildest dream come true! He showed us how he composed all the different parts to his songs, and then serenaded us with his acoustic guitar...We were just blown away by the whole experience."
    - winner Joy Collins
  • a Trip to the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Premiere with Andrew Garfield

    "Finally, it happened. I met Andrew Garfield. I had no idea what to expect, but he was so normal...I didn’t expect it to be so easy to talk to him."
    - winner Kimmi Kerner
  • An LA Date with Tyler Oakley

    "Beautiful hotel. Great flights. Tyler Oakley! Couldn't have asked for anything more. What a fabulous experience! Thank you Prizeo and thank you Tyler!"
    - winner Jillian
  • An Intimate Dinner Date with Peter Andre

    "Meeting Pete was a dream come true! The whole experience was fantastic & he is such a lovely guy. I am so happy I won & I will never forget that night!!!!!"
    - winner Danielle Swann
  • A Trip to Opening Day at Dodger Stadium or Dinner with Larry King

    "I had an amazing time and I thank you so, so much for making it happen! Larry King was a true gentleman and made sure we truly enjoyed the experience."
    - winner Kevin Holt
  • An Intimate Family Dinner in NYC with Lady Gaga

    "Nothing can top the incredible Italian family-style dinner I had with Lady Gaga and her amazing family. I had the most epic life has changed forever and I will never forget this unbelievable experience!"
    - winner Jessie Faile
  • a Trip to LA to Hang Out with Darren Criss

    "Darren was so warm and friendly, we felt like we were sitting with an old friend rather than a celebrity we just met. There aren't enough words of praise in the English language to describe him."
    - winner Gus R.
  • A Nice Little Getaway with Will Ferrell

    "My Prizeo trip to Palm Springs was nothing short of incredible. It was a true once in a lifetime experience."
    - winner Jacob Mays
  • An Internship For A Day with Snoop

    "It was so cool to see Snoop in such a normal environment!"
    - winner Matthew Rust
  • A Private Valentine's Day Concert from Mariah Carey

    "One of the most amazing nights of our lives! We're still in a daze and it's so surreal to tell people the story of everything that happened."
    - winner Lisa Thomas
  • A Chance To Play with Dolphins with Michael Phelps

    "We had such a wonderful day at the aquarium. I'm still reeling and will be for quite awhile. Everyone was so nice I felt like part of the family."
    - winner Susan Tompkins
  • A Walk On Role on TV Land's "The Exes" with Donald Faison

    "Thanks again for everything. The set was great and Donald was amazing and fun."
    - winner Omer Turan
  • A Trip To The Devious Maids Set with Eva Longoria

    "I had the most amazing time meeting with Eva and others who help make Devious Maids. My mom and I had a blast; it was the coolest experience. Thank you."
    - winner Erick Santiago
  • your place at the reunion party with the Cast of High School Musical

    "We had a great dinner sharing stories, laughs, and memories. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening surrounded by people who inspired me and cheered me up in a difficult moment in my life...My life truly is changed for the better because of all of this."
    - winner Camilla Simon
  • A Day with Bumblefoot

    "Ron and his wife showed us their curated spots around the entire city! It was rad! After a hot sauce tasting, we went over to the studio and jammed - now I have some riffs to work on!"
    - winner Hunter Nordhauser
  • an evening out with Ed Sheeran

    "I will never understand how a world famous artist can be so laid back and such a genuine, humble and kind person. This is probably the best thing that has happened to me since being declared healthy. Thank you Ed for an absolutely amazing day. You are amazeballs."
    - winner Isabella Klang
  • a chance to hang out on the New Girl set with Hannah Simone

    "I had such a wonderful time in L.A. that I didn't want to go home. Hannah and Lamorne were so kind and generous and went far above and beyond anything that we could have imagined. It was life changing and I am forever grateful."
    - winner Allyson Cameron
  • a (London) Rickshaw Run experience with Jack and Finn

    "Jack and Finn were charming and the food delicious. It was a very pleasant evening - I am grateful to them and to Prizeo for all you've done."
    - winner Hannah Barnett
  • An Exclusive Studio Hang Out with Justin Bieber

    "When I first walked in and saw Justin recording I was in shock that I was actually there. I couldn't believe that I was in the same room as the same person I have looked up to for quite a long time...It ended up to be the best day of my life and an experience of a lifetime."
    - winner Alyssa Frausto
  • a trip to NYC to dine with Andrew Zimmern

    "One of the most memorable and special nights I've ever experienced. Andrew gave us a personal tour of the kitchen, where we shook the hand of each of the outstanding chefs. And the meal? The best food I've ever had - course after course of extraordinary tastes - for three hours."
    - winner Sarah L. Tichonuk
  • the ultimate skydive with Sophia Bush

    "I have so much gratitude for Prizeo and I AM THAT GIRL. Together with Sophia, they gave me the greatest weekend of my life. This trip left me feeling completely inspired and happier than ever."
    - winner Leah Santiago
  • A VIP Trip to Party with Avril Lavigne

    "We had a fabulous time, got to see a lot of NYC & the show with Avril was beyond belief. For certain a once in a lifetime event...Kicked things off the bucket list that I didn't know were on my bucket list."
    - winner Greg Brown
  • A VIP Trip to Valencia and meet with Valentino Rossi

    "What a weekend! Out of this world from start to finish. Surprised to see so many riders there! We have not recovered and certainly can’t stop talking about it."
    - winner Rhys Corke
  • A Trip to LA to Play Ball With Pau and Marc Gasol

    "Instead of impacting one person, the Gasol brothers, along with Prizeo, helped impact 50 kids last night with a memory that will forever be remembered. After all, these are the kids of the future!"
    - winner Chad Hage
  • A Night of Greatness with Muhammad Ali

    "Meeting Ali was one of my dreams, and I would have never imagined in a million years that I would get to meet him in person, in his home. This was the best moment of my life."
    - winner Jagbir Terkiana
  • a Shopping Spree at Dash with Khloé Kardashian

    "Our entire experience with winning the contest was the absolute best experience of our lives. Khloe was super sweet and Peggy from Prizeo went above and beyond to ensure this experience would be one we would never forget. And we NEVER will."
    - winner Sherry Conklin
  • An Evening Out in London with Liam and Harry

    "Our experience with meeting Harry and Liam was really nothing short of a dream come true. They really made us feel totally comfortable and it felt more like we were sharing a night out with friends rather than two members of a massive band."
    - winner Allison T.
  • A Night At The MTV VMAs with Big Sean

    "My whole experience was just as phenomenal as Big Sean himself. They welcomed me with open arms and treated me like family. I'm SO glad to have contributed to the Big Sean Foundation!"
    - winner Stephanie Madrid
  • a Trip To Rio de Janeiro To Hang With Alicia Keys

    "I want to thank you for the opportunity to meet Alicia. The Rio is amazing, the festival is something huge and incredible and I'm so happy to be part of it!"
    - winner Pavel Raev
  • A Night Out in L.A. with Kobe Bryant

    "I'm excited to finally meet one of the greatest of our time not only for what he's done on the court but outside of it too!"
    - winner Romina Rosas
  • a (Totally Platonic) Date with Kristen Bell

    "Contributing to Invisible Children was something that I was so happy to do. Getting to meet the original Marshmallow is just icing on the best cake ever!"
    - winner Jayme Thomas
  • A Luxury Weekend and Lunch with Samuel L. Jackson

    "I have had many friends and families struggle with Alzheimer's. I've always been a SLJ fan and am mother@#$%ing excited to get to meet him in person!!"
    - winner Tyler Walden
  • A Cooking Lesson and Meal with Jamie Oliver

    "Jamie was so wonderful in person. It really was a wonderful experience and we were both so pleased to have been part of his cooking revolution!"
    - winner Annie Fenech
  • A Trip to Alton Towers with Frankie Sandford

    "Alton Towers was such an amazing day, The Saturdays were so kind and sweet and made us feel really comfortable! The day couldn't have gone any better!!"
    - winner Gemma Mulnier
  • The Ultimate Boyband Experience with JLS

    "When I found out I won, I was literally speechless... to know my idols are helping as much as they can to raise money and save lives mean everything."
    - winner Lutricia Duyar
  • The Ultimate QI Experience with Stephen Fry

    "I was amazed that I'd won. To be honest, at first I thought it was a wind up! Am so looking forward to meeting Stephen."
    - winner Ross Cotton
  • a Trip to the Nebraska vs. Ohio State Game With Larry the Cable Guy

    - winner Nicole R.
  • a series of fortunate events in Vancouver with Neil Patrick Harris

    - winner Georgina B.
  • a VIP Trip to New York Comic Con with Clark Gregg

    - winner Anicia A.
  • a series of fortunate events in Vancouver with Neil Patrick Harris

    - winner Georgina B.
  • a Trip to the Star Trek: Discovery Premiere & After Party With Rainn Wilson

    "To summarize my experiences, my time in Hollywood was like a dream! Rainn Wilson is very welcoming and I felt comfortable speaking with him just freely and openly. The premiere was absolutely incredible! I can't wait for the public release of Star Trek: Discovery. Rainn and his wife, Holiday Reinhorn, are both very passionate people and showed care for my personal interests and life. If I had the opportunity to do it all again, I would go in a heartbeat!"
    - winner Ian S.

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