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About the Prize and Charity Cause


The prize

  1. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and FOUR friends to get up-close and personal with JLS & 1D!
  2. Begin your day of treats with an exclusive money-can't-buy opportunity to attend 1D'S concert sound check, where you’ll see the boys preparing to perform all their hit songs for their concert later that evening! There will be some special surprises too, and the boys can’t wait to see you there!
  3. Next, you'll be taken for lunch by JLS at one of their favourite restaurants, for some one-on-one time. You'll also get to choose your favourite JLS song for the boys to serenade you with. We suggest you film it!
  4. Finally, in the evening you'll be invited to London's O2 arena as VIPs, where you'll get to watch 1D live in concert from your very own PRIVATE box, with JLS for company! Get ready to party!!

So who's going to win... A Directioner? A JLSter? Both?  Either way, you're supporting a fantastic cause! 
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JLS Foundation

The cause

"This is the most amazing prize we’ve ever offered our fans and we're excited to be able to invite everyone to join in and buy a ticket to support our Foundation during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We look forward to seeing YOU very soon!" – JLS

JLS have become one of the biggest success stories to come out of the UK since they made it to the final of the 2008 X Factor. As well as topping the charts and winning numerous awards, the JLS boys are keen philanthropists, each dedicating a great deal of time to charitable work. It was their desire to use their fame as a platform to raise funds and awareness for various causes that led them to establish the JLS Foundation in 2010.The JLS Foundation has re-launched this December in partnership with Cancer Research UK with the shared goal of raising £2million over two years. The Foundation will raise money to fund world-leading research into cancers affecting children, teenagers and young adults. JLS want to support a cause that affects their young fans and also to invest in future generations. The Foundation will also focus on raising awareness of cancers in young people and encouraging young people to live an active, healthy lifestyle.
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We have exclusive SIGNED goodies – including One Direction t-shirts, One Direction albums, One Direction singles and 8 #JLSsurprise t-shirts up for grabs! Buy a ticket and register and you will get a unique link that you can share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and via email. Whoever gets their friends to buy the most tickets wins! Enter the competition and start sharing!
  1. Once you've entered the prize draw, you will be provided with a unique link, but only if you are registered!
  2. Spread your unique link with all your friends (paste it on your timeline, tweet it, email it – anything you can think of!) and you will receive one referral point per friend who purchases any number of entries through your link.
  3. We will soon display a leader-board with the current top 12. This will be updated daily. When the prize draw closes, those with the most referral points will win a prize of their choice!

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