We are hiring

We are working with the top celebrities in the world to create once-in-a-liftime prize experiences and raffle them off for charity. Imagine Lady Gaga tweeting to her 30+ million followers: "Please pay $1 for a chance to win a personal singing lesson with me - all the money goes to my favorite charity". We use the celebrity's network of fans on social media to create viral prize campaigns.

We have a strong focus on building a scalable and flexible architecture to sustain millions of people on our site. With this amount of users, we are planning to amass a lot of data and constantly iterate our site to improve conversion. The exciting challenges you'll be faced with are endless.

1. Create products

Our team loves to build beautiful products that will be used by millions of users. Ideas and execution are what matters the most. You will be able see the difference your work makes from day one.

2. Develop yourself

Our roles are very flexible and we will provide all the support you need to step out of your comfort zone. We bring in influential people frequently, who have built huge companies to talk to our team and offer advice.

3. Make a difference

It never feels like a job when you're having a great time. We work hard and play hard, but we maintain our core vision to inspire a new generation of people to donate to charity. Your work will impact many great causes.

Open positions


We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic front-end engineer to iterate over the designs and implement new features. Candidates are expected to have a strong expertise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and their evolving standards

Knowledge of basic DevOps practices and computer security, Java, Redis, MySQL or development for AWS is a nice plus.


We are looking for a smart, driven generalist to build out systems and handle the growth of our user base. Our service is built on Play Framework 1.2, but particular experience is not a prerequisite for the role.

Keen on the startup world, interest in best practices of UX or Handlebars.js and Japid templating is a nice plus.

How to apply

Send us an email to join@prizeo.com and include whatever information you think would be most useful for us in understanding your background.