How it works


  1. Choose your
    dream prize

    Prizeo works with the top celebrities to create once-in-a-lifetime prize experiences for you to win. Whether you're into music, sport or fashion, there'll be something for everyone!

  2. Support an awesome cause

    You can enter for just a small contribution to the celebrity's chosen cause, and there's a free postal route too! Each Prizeo celebrity films a video clip explaining why you should enter and support their chosen cause.

  3. Pick a friend
    Who will you bring?

    Once you've entered the contest, you'll be given the option to choose which friends you'll bring with you to the prize experience if you win. You can do this via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail and make someone very happy!

  4. Win !

    After the contest closes, the winner will be chosen at random and whizzed off to enjoy the prize of a lifetime. And there's runner up prizes too... In it to win it!

  5. And that's just
    the start...

    You'll be able to track your impact, and see the fantastic things the charity has done with your contribution.

Here’s a bit about us

Prizeo was born from the belief that celebrities have the power to raise huge amounts of money and awareness for the most important causes of today. Celebrity fan bases stretch into the millions, and celebrities should be using their networks to make a real difference.

The Prizeo co-founders met whilst organising glamorous auction fundraisers at university – with celebrity prizes spanning every interest. Despite the success of these events, the co-founders felt that the auction model was limiting.

Rather than restricting these prizes to the few who are wealthy enough to bid thousands of pounds, surely the public have the power to get together to raise an even greater sum...

Now with a small donation, Prizeo contests are universally accessible, and everyone has the chance to win big and make a difference.

the prizeo model

Prizeo is a technology enterprise with a social mission to maximise celebrities', companies' and charities' fundraising potential.

In order to sustain ourselves in our mission, we take a small fee from contest revenues.This fee equates to 10% of the net contest revenue, meaning that after our payment processors have deducted their transaction cost, the charity receives the 90% proceeds, and Prizeo keeps 10%. We hope to explore additional revenue streams so that we can reduce our fee in time.

What services does prizeo provide?

Prizeo is a full service platform, offering celebrities, companies and charities a one-stop shop solution to running a contest. This includes access to highly scalable technology, bespoke graphic design, video filming and production, payment processing, all legal and accounting aspects of the contest, PR and marketing support, customer relations, and prize fulfilment. Furthermore, our fee allows us to invest in the development of new features that will help raise more for good causes.

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